Sunday, July 1, 2007


A descendant of Mateo Luga.

The last time we have a reunion with the Somoza-Luga Clan was when Celestino Sta. Romana died. He was the husband of my aunt, Atty. Ruperta Luga-Sta. Romana, elder sister of my father, Atty. Rodolfo Somoza Luga, the descendants of Emilo Valdez-Luga and Beatriz Villanueva Somoza.

We are the proud descendants of General Mateo Luga, believed to be the last general of Emilio Aguinaldo who surrendered to the Americans. It is sad to note that "The Philippine-American War" has limited or no record at all in our history book. The name Mateo Luga and his exploits, however, can be found in the Library of Congress in US or in Camp Crame Library concerning the history of the Philippine Scout, where he became an officer after he surrendered to the Americans. His name can also be viewed at google search engine concerning a case involving band of notorious brigands in Cebu, he arrested.

My two boys, Jose Mathew and Michael Joseph always asks me the origin of our surname “Luga”, I told them:

Never in the history of our clan have we changed our surname. Our great grandfather fought for it. He traveled from Luzon to Mindanao just to retain that name because he does not want to surrender and be dominated by foreigners to colonize our country. Whenever the Spaniards colonizes a town or a village and changes the names of the residents to segregate the ‘insurrectos’, he will find a way to slip, relocate and organize a resistance until he reached Mindanao. He continued to resist foreign domination even after General Emilio Aguinaldo surrendered to the Americans, until he finally surrendered in Cebu and later on joined the Philippine Scout, the forerunner of the Philippine Army’s Scout Rangers.

Back to the reunion, aside from my uncles Gen. Emilio S. Luga, Jr. and Col. Mateo Luga my cousins Cols. Allan and Irwin Luga; Tita Raquel with husband, Tito Sam Gregorio; Manong Baby Somoza Laguda with wife, were also present. The immediate family of Tito Celeste, Bing, Toto, Nonoy and Inday came all the way from US while Meriam, who was here in the Philippines with her sisters were all present.

Manang Bing-Bing, the eldest daughter of Tito "Jun" (Gen. Emilio S. Luga, Jr.)did not make it. I remember then that she was the one who entertained us during our reunion in Cebu after Lola's (Beatriz Somoza) death, long time ago. She was the one who puts lipsticks on our faces whenever anyone loses in a card game (bridge) until our faces were covered with lipsticks. After which, we toured Cebu till' sunrise with her acting as our tour guide. Our faces are painted with lipsticks. It was hearthening, however, that I do not have any photo stock of her.

Lately, i was informed that she passed away.

It is in her honor that I made this page for us to remember her kindness. While the pictures depicts the passing away of Tito Celeste. I hope, however, that all of us shall keep in our hearts her memory, thinking that where ever she is now, she will always be remembered as part of us.

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